Brian Honan

By Stephen J. Murphy, Register of Deeds for Suffolk County

murphyOn July 30, 2002, the City of Boston suffered a tragic loss with the passing of Brian Honan. Brian was a special kind of person and a spectacular public official.

Councilor Honan was a leader on the Council in the area of affordable housing. His was a passionate advocacy that all people deserved a decent place to live, that housing was essential, that housing was a right. He continuously championed that cause during his years on the City Council. He was a compassionate voice for the poor.

As a councilor, Brian was ever vigilant in protecting the quality of life in his Allston/Brighton neighborhood. He created policies and task forces between City Officials and their college counterparts with the singular goal of protecting peoples’ right to quiet enjoyment in safe neighborhoods and environments.

On a personal level, even though he was younger than me, I learned a great deal from my friendship with Brian. He was able to be serious about the responsibilities of his job and the responsibilities to his district without taking himself too seriously.

Time and time again I marveled at Brian’s unique ability to diffuse a combustible situation with his wonderful sense of humor. He was able to bring people with divergent beliefs together and find common ground on issues often times would divide rather than unite.

moakleyBrian Honan was a unique individual and a special friend. Brian was a good and decent man. The people of Allston/Brighton knew Brian well and showed tremendous outpouring of love and respect to his family in the days after his passing. He is sorely missed by those who loved him.

Most residents of Boston were just being introduced to Brain when he was taken from us. I feel sorry for those who hadn’t met him, because they don’t know what they’ll miss. Brian Honan was one of this city’s bright lights. Every day I try in some small way to be a little like Brian was – because Brian did it right!