Brian Honan: A Role Model

By Michael Flaherty, At-Large Boston City Councillor

fdhBrian Honan and I became fast friends in no small part because we came from similar backgrounds. Both Brian and I hailed from working class neighborhoods of Boston, me from South Boston and Brian from his beloved Allston-Brighton. Although we lived too far apart to ever have known each other as kids, we had similar childhoods. Parents who wanted better things for their children and inspired in us a sense of public service. We were both raised with a commitment to family and community. In the proud tradition of most Boston Irish families that meant being actively involved in politics.
I met Brian for the first time when we were both working to re-elect Ralph Martin as District Attorney of Suffolk County. It was then that I first learned about Brian’s commitment to his values. Brian always rolled up his sleeves and worked hard for something or someone he believed in.
It was that passion that led Brian to run for public office himself, following in the footsteps of his brother Kevin. He ran because he wanted to make peoples lives better and to improve the quality of life for the people of Allston-Brighton. He could’ve easily chosen a different path but his loyalty to the ideals and values his parents instilled in him led him to a seat on the Boston City Council. His care for his constituents and his district were truly genuine.
stanley-cupBrian was a role model for me when I joined the City Council several years after he had been elected. He taught me a great deal about how to get things done and how to be an effective advocate for the things I cared about. The things he cared about were obvious and he worked hard on those issues. Making housing in Boston safe and affordable, improving the quality and availability of public education, ensuring that basic city services were delivered fairly to Allston/Brighton were all priority issues for Brian. I’m sure that his passion will inspire many and that he will continue to serve as a role model for many in the years to come.