Brian Honan

By Maura A. Hennigan, Suffolk Superior Court Clerk Magistrate

city-councilors8Every time I think of Brian Honan I have to smile. It’s painful because the loss is still so fresh. But smile is what I do because he was such a joy to know.

There are so many wonderful memories. Sitting next to him at City Council meetings; he always made me laugh. Campaigning together, Brian for District Attorney and me for citywide councillor. Brian always knew all the best short cuts from his days when he was an assistant district attorney. He’d jump in the car and say, “just follow me!” Of course his instructions were easier said then done. But in between stops he’d always call me on his cell phone and alert me to traffic jams as well as which exit to get off.

police-road-race4Being in his company was just so much fun. I miss him so much, especially when I ‘m out and about driving around the city. I think Brian would get me where I’m going so much better.

I know all Brian’s family and friends will never stop missing him. In his short life his accomplishments are too many to list; but they are memorialized at the Honan Library and at the soon-to-be-completed Brian J. Honan Apartments.

Brian’s most special tribute is that he made all of us who knew him a better person. I hope he would feel that the best tribute of all is for us to carry a piece of him with us in our hearts.