By Kenny Bean

Casey Lindstrom of The New Models -Photo by Brian Honan
Casey Lindstrom of The New Models
-Photo by Brian Honan

Alan Freed, Dick Clark, and Ed Sullivan: music’s pioneers and trailblazers, responsible for introducing Rock & Roll to a new generation. Past generations spurned this diabolical new music, while a younger, new breed embraced it. Brian Honan was the pioneer of his time. He may not have influenced a whole generation, but his impact was just as strong among friends and peers. Brian introduced us to such bands as U2, The Clash, Psychedelic Furs, The Alarm, The Jam, Stiff Little Fingers, The BoDeans, and many more. These were bands that were shunned by most when they first arrived on the scene but are legends now in the grand scheme of music.

One of the things that drew Brian to these bands was the energy they put forth. He loved to go to live shows and let loose. Stiff Little Fingers at the Channel was the show that started it all – young kids in leather and spikes slam dancing to the raw power of the band. Then there was The Clash at the Cape Cod Coliseum – general admission, with 2000 people jammed in front of the stage, sopping wet from the 110 degree temperature.

Brian BeanAnother unforgettable night was when the Alarm headlined at the Paradise for the first time. This particular show was being aired live on WBCN, and Brian had the foresight to have his mother tape it. I am fortunate enough to have a copy of this tape that not only showcases a great live performance but also Brian at this absolute loudest, urging the band to play his favorite song. It was pure energy.

The local scene could not escape Brian’s attention. He’d go everywhere to see everybody: New Models at Bunratty’s, O Positive at Jack’s, The Neighborhoods at Storyville, and let’s not forget the group trip to St. Michael’s to see Sal Baglio and the Stompers. Brian’s tastes would also take him into the mainstream. The Boston Garden held many great concerts that would find Brian in attendance: The Kinks and Red Rider, Elton John and Quarterflash, AC/DC and Divinyls, Foreigner and Billy Squier, and, of course, the Cars.

By the late nineties, most of our favorite bands had dissolved, but for those that still toured, you’d find us there. I particularly remember the BoDeans at what is now the Fleet Pavilion, where Brian was dancing in the aisles with the elderly ushers during the encores. And one of our favorite bands – the Psychedelic Furs – would always ensure that Brian and I would be getting together for an enjoyable evening.

As we got older and the bands became fewer, I would see less and less of Brian, but music was the bond that kept us in touch. Thanks, Brian. We couldn’t have had more fun.

On Wednesday, April 7, 2004 Brian's brother, State Rep. Kevin Honan, presented members of the Psychedellic Furs with a citation for their musical contributions
On Wednesday, April 7, 2004 Brian’s brother,
State Rep. Kevin Honan, presented members
of the Psychedellic Furs with acitation for
their musical contributions
On June 8, 2006, State Rep. Kevin Honan
hosted Stiff Little Fingers at the
Massachusetts State House in Boston.