Brian Honan

By Rob Consalvo, Former City Councillor, District 5

Rob Consalvo and Brian HonanWhile I had the privilege of working with Brian Honan on the Boston City Council, it is not as a colleague that I will always think of Brian Honan but rather as my friend.

I met Brian Honan while my sister Michelle worked at the State House for Representative Kevin Honan for many years. At that time I was working in Washington, DC for Senator Edward Kennedy. On certain occasions, when Brian would come to Washington to visit, he would stay at my apartment. As years went on, Brian and I kept in touch and developed a strong friendship as we shared a passion for good government and helping people. Our families have forged a strong relationship as my mother now works for the Representative in his State House office.

During my first run for City Council, Citywide, in 2001, Brian was one of the people I could count on for advice and support. He knew all about the early mornings at train stations and coffee shops as well as the long hot afternoons door-knocking. He encouraged me and inspired me to work hard to achieve my goal of joining him on the Boston City Council. While I did not succeed in 2001, Brian was one of the very first people to encourage me to run for the District seat when it opened up the following year. Like before, Brian’s advice and counsel was indispensable.

Brian Honan will be remembered for many things. He will be remembered by many as a person who cared about his neighborhood and his City and as a leader who fought for others. That is all true. But I will remember Brian most as a caring friend that I could count on every day.