Brian J. Honan Fellowship

The Honan Fellowship with the West End House empowers youth from across Boston to become engaged and influence change in their community, develop leadership skills, and stimulate an interest in public service. The program includes a paid summer internship in a community agency or government office and ends with a community action project to create change in Boston.
For more information call 617-787-4044

Brian J. Honan Charitable Fund Mission Statement

The mission of the Brian J. Honan Charitable Fund is the continued development of those causes which Brian championed throughout the course of his life. As a teacher, a prosecutor and a City Councilor, Brian endeavored to give ordinary people the chance to live extraordinary lives – through education, recreation, housing and healthcare.
The Brian J. Honan Charitable Fund will support and foster programs to help local communities realize the true potential of its citizens in creating those extraordinary lives. Much in the same way that Brian’s vocation in serving the people of his district – seniors, young people, community-based workers and educators, to name only a few – left an unparalleled legacy, it is our intent to strengthen the fabric of our local communities by continuing his great work on their behalf and honoring his lifelong commitment to people.