Unlimited Energy

By Mayor Thomas M. Menino

By Mayor Thomas M. MeninoBrian Honan wasn’t just a fellow elected official to me, he was a real friend. He was someone who would pick you up when things got tough and infuse you with the same energy that pushed him forward every day in his basic mission – helping people.

It always impressed me how people who were not actively involved in day to day Boston politics gravitated to Brian. People knew he was genuine in his concern and that they could sit down with him in his office or in a neighborhood coffee shop. They knew that he would listen to their needs and that he would respond to them. For Brian, policy matters were constituent service taken to the next level – families needed housing, health care, a good education for their children and quality city services – and his initiatives in the City Council reflected Allston-Brighton’s concerns.

It is fitting that there is a fund in Brian’s name because once again, he is giving hope, opportunity and new energy to others. So as we remember all the good that Brian did, and all the people he helped, we can look forward to many more people who will be aided in their future goals by Brian’s good name and his legacy.